Established in 2003, Tarbiyat School is a high achieving Sunday school dedicated to teaching Farsi language in a fun and exciting way.

The general remit of the school is to provide a non-political service for people who are interested in learning Farsi as a second language.

Open to adults and youth. The hope is for the school to provide an opportunity for a niche group of people who otherwise might lose their skill in speaking Farsi or wish to learn Farsi.

These include youth born in UK of Iranian background or youth who wish to take Farsi GCSE or Farsi A-Level or adults who might have an interest in learning Farsi. Our focus is on quality and standard of teaching as well as providing a friendly, united happy learning environment for all the pupils.

Aims of the school

Our organisation is a Supplementary school in the name of (Tarbiyat School) which teaches the Persian language to the children and adults and promote their virtues by different activities.

School Awards

This award has been offered to Tarbiyat School in recognition of the quality of its provision teaching Persian language from preschool to A-level, running school in a good manner, have a good relationship with students and parents and celebrating the cultural events every year, The result of this effort is that most of the students pass their exam with a high-grade Mark from Edexcel examiner.

It has received three awards the quality of its work from the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education. 

1- Bronze award in 2011

2- Silver award in 2013

3- Gold award or Quality Mark in 2018



School Board

The school’s management consists of:

  • Headteacher 
  • Deputy headteacher
  • Treasurer
  • Teaching project manager
  • Health and safety officer

All of whom have been DBS checked.

Parent Participations

The School welcomes the involvement of parents in various school functions. The parents may meet with the teachers once a term to talk about the progress of their children.