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The question that Parents ask

Question 1

what are the fees for each term

Answer 1

go to this link to view the fees for each term: http://www.tarbiyat.co.uk/index.php/fees

Question 2

What is the aim of the school

Answer 2

Go to this link to see why we made this school: http://www.tarbiyat.co.uk/index.php/our-aim-and-goals

Question 3

Where is the location of this school?

Answer 3

Go to this link  to view where the school is located:  http://www.tarbiyat.co.uk/index.php/venue-of-the-school

Question 4

What are the teachers requirements?

Answer 4

This is the link to the teachers’ requirements page: http://www.tarbiyat.co.uk/index.php/staffs-terms-and-conditions/

Question 5

What does the cost cover?

Answer 5

This is the link to the cost cover page http://www.tarbiyat.co.uk/index.php/staffrenumeration/