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End of the Year Party Celebrations

Every year we hold a special end of the year party for teachers, parents and children to simply have fun. Eat and enjoy dancing. This is one many events we hold throughout the year.

Yalda Night & Naw Ruz Party Celebration

As part of helping pupils to have some understanding of Persian culture.
Each year we celebrate theYalda Night and Persian New Year (Naw Ruz) with a great party where everyone can dance, eat and socialise and generally enjoying themselves. It is also a reminder (as in many cultures) that Naw Ruz is the end of one cycle and start of a new one.

World Citizenship Competition Prize Giving Ceremony

Fifteenth Prize giving ceremony of World Citizenship competition took place on Sunday 13th May at Chipping Barnet Library in the presence of Councillor John Marshall. The World Citizenship Competition has been successfully running in Barnet since 1997 among all the schools in this Borough by Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Barnet. This year the Baha’is of Barnet had offered students, in all the secondary, Junior and primary schools in the Borough, the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the concept of World Citizenship, by sponsoring an essay, poster or poem on.