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Character and Civic Education


پرورش شخصیت و توانایی های اجتماعی در کودکان مدارس ابتدایی




A project funded by UK Lottery Awards for All and supported by CommUNITY Barnet


What is Persia’s Character and Civic Education (CCE)?


CCE is a new and fun programme, in English and Farsi, to help carers (teachers and parents) and children improve their English skills in preparation for SAT exams, and develop skills and values that help them stand out among their peers.


CCE was designed by Persia to help advance Iranian-descent children, and their

carers tackle the challenges in the UK education system by helping them to:


  1. Improve command of English language
  2. Develop skills as self-reliant individuals and team players
  3. Acquire capabilities to address social and cultural challenges in a constructive manner
  4. Foster self-esteem and values that lead to success


Why 8-11 year olds?


In addition to the developmental stage, this age group is at, 8-11-year-olds are enrolled

in years 4-6 at school. Improving their English skills, as they embark on SAT exams in preparation for secondary school, while empowering them to fulfil their potential to address issues they face at this sensitive age, will help them excel at their studies while feeling good about themselves.


They will learn about soft skills, mindfulness, consultation, cooperation, rights and responsibilities that help them stand out among their peers.


.در اين كارگاه روش پرورش شخصيت و صفات موفق آميز كودكان و توانايى هاى اجتماعى آنان در محيط خانوادگى و مدارس در ميان گذاشته ميشود

.مفاد آموزشى اين كارگاه براى كمك به كودكان مدارس ابتدائى به خصوص كودكان  ٨تا١١  ساله طرح ريزى شده است

 اين گروه در مرحله سنى هستند كه كمك بيشترى در زمينه پيشرفت، پرورش توانايى هاى اجتماعى در ميان همسالان خود، هماهنگى ارزشهاى فرهنگى و انسانى، مهارتهاى نرم در انگلیسی، اعتماد به نفس و زندگى سالم احتياج دارند

.توجه خاص به تعليم و تربيت اين گروه سنى تاثيرات مهمى در آينده و پيشرفت دراز مدت آنان خواهد شد